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Corporate Clients



Relocation Solutions has years of experience in relocating key personnel – and helping them to settle in too.


Our knowledge and experience ensures that your employee is relocated seamlessly and that every aspect of the move is considered.  From our years of experience in HR we fully understand that a happy and motivated employee is a productive employee.


We do not only source properties but also schools, nurseries, local amenities and utilities – in fact, whatever is important to your families.


Relocation Solutions provide continuing support, not only throughout the relocation process but also afterwards, to help them settle in fully.


We have a great deal of experience relocating foreign nationals and know how difficult it can be to move to the UK from overseas, both logistically and emotionally. We are extremely conscious of the impact that this can have on a family.


How we can help you and your employees


We get to know your employee


Wherever it is possible we like to meet with the employee that we are helping to relocate. We know that it isn’t always possible to meet with your international relocatees and in those cases we will spend time with them on the telephone.


The meeting (or telephone conversation) helps us to establish requirements, lifestyles goals and aspirations.

We familiarise them


If your employee (and family) has the time we would like to take them on an orientation tour of the area they will be working in or have chosen to move to.


We research


Using our extensive network of resources, we identify all the best properties, on and off market.


We preview and compile a shortlist which is made available to them on their personal section of our website


If they have asked us to carry out a school search we will ensure that the relevant prospectuses are sent to them.

We show them


We accompany them to view the shortlisted properties at a time convenient to them.


We negotiate for them


We are constantly in touch with market conditions and forecasts and our strong negotiation skills ensure that we achieve the best possible price for your employee’s chosen property.


We liaise for them


We keep in contact with the estate/letting agents and other relevant parties on their behalf.


We look after them


Our service does not stop after they have completed on the transaction. We will help your employee and their family to settle into their new home and area, introducing them to the local amenities and providing support until they are settled and confident.


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